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Forex Price Voice Alerter:
A forex prices voice alerts software for forex trading system.
Show forex quotes from MT4 or internet in topmost Price Bar or float Popup Window.
Alert you with voice,notification,email or sound......
Show real time forex Financial/Market/Economic News ......
Show/Hide MT4 quickly by click or hotkey ......
FTP ActiveX Control:

A powerful FTP ActiveX Control(FTP Client OCX), can be used in VB,VC, .NET,PB,Delphi,VFP, and so on.
It can also be used in HTML web page as a cab file,controlled with javascript/vbscript.

Main Features:
>>Upload files/folders to ftp server,download files/folders from ftp server,with resume capability.
>>Rename, Create, Remove directory,Get the file listing within a directory.
>>Rename, Delete file,get the size of the file on ftp server;
>>Show transfer progress, speed, remaining time, etc.
>>Download HTTP file with resume capability.

Other Features:
>>Support files more than 2G bytes.
>>Automatic reconnect and resume transfer when the connection is lost or broken.
>>Multi-Language Support. You can customize any language by programming.
>>Highly stable......

Email Notification System:
A tool which periodically checks for new emails using the standard POP3 protocol,
without having to have the regular email client program running.
It will show a notification at system tray area or play a sound when receive new emails.
Click the notification can sign in the email box quickly.
Auto Shutdown System:
A simple and useful tool that allows you to automatically shutdown your computer at a time period of your choice.
It will show a confirmation dialog before shutdown for 15 seconds, you can cancel the shutdown within the period.

It is a green software, does not need to be installed.....